Not Insane Not Insane

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Recurring Characters:
George Tirebiter, George Papoon, Edmond Edmond

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Not Insane takes place in "Radio Prison," an Earth-girdling sphere of ever-expanding radio and TV transmissions colliding in the ether, watched over by W.A.L.T.E.R. - the Supreme Watch And Listen To Everything Robot. A splintered Shakepeare parody, the radio adventures of a Japanese detective, and an out-of-this-world political convention round out the festivities.

Not Insane (1972)
LP Columbia C31585

This album was collected from many sources:

Thanks to Columbia University for taping a revolutionary Shakespierre show, and thanks to Bill McIntyre and Rick Bralver for producing and engineering the "Dear Friends" show that was the basis for the "Martian Space Party" that was made into the movie of the same name, now available through its director, Stephen Gillmor, c/o Columbia Records, Hollywood and thanks to Edgar, Rose, Doug, Lee and Steve and Glen and Lynn and Pat and all for putting Papoon over the top, not the edge.

Philip Proctor - Violin, Vocals, Percussion, Wood Flute, Thunder
David Ossman - Vocals, Percussion
Peter Bergman - Alto Sax, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Phil Austin - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals
Tiny - Vocals, Percussion
Annalee - Organ, Piano, Vocals
Michael C. Gwynne - Drums, Percussion, Flute
C. D. Taylor - Acoustic Guitar
Bo May - Brand New Tenor Saxophone
Cyrus Faryar - Bass (Courtesy Elektra Records)
Engineered by Bill Driml, Phil Cross, Mark Friedman and Miguel Morales
Music Copyright 1972 Espeseth Music Music Music
All Other Material Copyright 1972 4 or 5 Krazy Guys Publishing
Album Photos: The Dok, Bruce Wilson, Lee Greathouse

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