Papoon For President Papoon For President

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Recurring Characters:
George Papoon, George Tirebiter

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Firesign's reportage of the [in]famous National Surrealist Party Presidential candidate, and his VP running mate George Tirebiter, over the years. Culled from various sources, the album is bookended by two rare interviews with a pair of high-ranking Campoon Papoon staffers (Proctor & Bergman).

1. Not Insane! Papoon For President! (21:05)
2. Papoon Nominated! President Off To Mars! (4:35)
3. Papoon & Tirebiter Get Big Berkeley Welcome! (7:30)
4. Thank You, Mr. President! (8:40)
5. Candidate Still Daffy! Reagan Blasts Rats! (6:52)
6. One Organism, One Vote! The Aftermath! (19:25)

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