Pink Hotel Burns Down Pink Hotel Burns Down

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Category: Audio
A collection mostly consisting of early Firesign radio and live performances. The standout track is the title cut, which is a precursor to what ultimately became Eat or Be Eaten.

  1. Exorcism In Your Daily Life (7:40)
  2. The Aboriginal Amateur Hour (1:04)
  3. Over The Edge! (12:28)
  4. ...nd of the World! (1:04)
  5. A Closer Look (7:30)
  6. International Youth On Parade (3:58)
  7. Sergeant Preston (0:50)
  8. The Pink Hotel Burns Down (6:50)
  9. Breakfast With the Brunts (1:05)
10. By The Light Of The Silvery... [part one] (12:43)
11. Captain Equinox (1:00)
12. By The Light Of The Silvery... [part two] (11:52)

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