Nick Danger: The Three Faces of Al Nick Danger: The Three Faces of Al

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(Out of Print; available as part of Box of Danger.)

Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger, Rocky Rococo, Lt. Bradshaw

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An original Nick Danger story, about rich people and their stupid problems. Although out of print, the story in its entirety is available as part of the Box of Danger multi-disc set.


The Three Faces Of Al (1984)
LP Rhino RNLP812

Night Final The Blind Newsboy Express Night Final
Danger To Fry For Pederazzi Icing
D.A.-Elect Says 'It's Over' for Dick

Private investigator Nick Danger will die tonite in the electric chair for the cold-blooded murder of Anselmo Von Pederazzi, said former Police Lieutanant Alvin Bradshaw in a terse statement to newsmen this afternoon. Bradshaw, his oily hair glistening in the glare of flashbulbs, confirmed what had been rumored since Danger was captured, the murder pistol in his hand, standing over the body of the wealthy importer in his mansion in Gumm heights.

The case, which has electrified the city and brought national attention to the hard-fighting Bradshaw, seems now to be over. The fact that Danger has not actually been brought to trial seems to bother no one at City Hall. "It'd a foregone conclusion that this Dick will die!" stated Mayor Chester Cadaver in a prepared statement issued minutes after Bradshaw's press conference.

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COMEDY EMSEMBLE Releases First Spoken Word Compact Disc

The legendary ensemble, Firesign Theatre, made audio history today when they released their latest recording "The Three Faces Of Al," in the compact disc format. While hundreds of music CDs have been issued in the past year the Firesign Theatre has once again blazed a new trail in recording science by not only issuing the first spoken word recording using the laser format, but also on that is digitally mixed and mastered.

Unlike anyone else, the Firesign perform surrealistic theatrical comedy using multi-layered dialogue and state of the art greatly enhanced by the use of the compact disc format.

-Rhino Reagan


WASHINGTON (AP) - Dr. Glenn Frump, chairman of theRepublican committee on program, charged in a statement tonight that Senate lobby investigating committee "is part of a carefully laid out campaign of terror and intimidation against the newspapers and magazines of the country which

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By Oliver Snake - A most insidious web of crime and addiction had slowed the pace of life in the Metropolitan area, bringing with it a climate of fear and dreaminess unmatched in the annals of the Underworld. The plague of the Anchovy, imported from the mysterious East, has swept through the levels of society in an unprecedented

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Cubs Can Cinch Today

CHICAGO (AP) - In the strangest World Series in recent memory, the underdog Chicago Cubs have brought their

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"Is that Rhinocerous burning?" Rhino's Mascot, 'Rocky'
1201 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Printed in Japan

The Blind Newsboy Express
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Susan Strull - The Nick Danger Adventure called "The Tree Faces of Al" was written and performed by the Firesign Theatre; Phil Austin, Peter Bergman and Phil Proctor. The recording and writing stretched between July and December 1983... like a slender shaft of golden light catching at the rooftops of Paris.

Some characters and situations were originally conceived by Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman and Phil Proctor.

The story was produced and mixed by The Firesign Theatre and Fred Jones. It was engineered by Peter Cutler and recorded at Fred Jones Recording Services in Hollywood, California.

Art and design are by Bruce Litz. Typography by ITC Advertising.

This record is an analog recording, digitally mixed and mastered.

Our special thanks to Oona Austin for food and background and to Harold and Richard at Rhino.

ALL Written Material 1984 by Firesign Theatre Productions. &(P) 1984 Rhino Records Inc., 1201 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404



By Hildegard Pleen - A clever gift idea, Brooms Made by the Insane, looks to be a popular Holiday sales item, according to Sol Gentilneim, President of the Area Insane Retailers Association. The brooms, whose uses are sometimes not apparent from their appearances, have proven to be clever conversation pieces and point-of-sale attractions in gift and light industrial machinery shops since their introduction in the spring. The most popular is the no-bristle model.

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Hollywood - Bigshot Reginald (Rocky) Rococo announced today that his ventures into Show Business are beginning to pay off. A nervous Howard P. Scholsenvitx, Vice President of the Red Network, had a prepared statement to reporters from behind a closed door to the effect that the Network will pay Rococo

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