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Recurring Characters:
Clark Cable, Fred Flamm, Miss Information, Nazi Goring

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Who would've thought in 1973 that cable TV would overtake over-the-air broascasting, people would be using smart cards for monetary transactions, teenage hackers would have the smarts to take over transmissions, there would be porno video channels available to viewers at any time of the day, Communism would fall, and chameleonic female TV talk show hosts would own the airwaves? Turns out Proctor & Bergman had all this figured out, and they lay it all out brilliantly in their first album as a two-man team, TV Or Not TV. Just remember: what was 5 is 2, what was 2 is 1, what was 1 is nothing. OK? This album also features two brilliant musical numbers, "Communist Love Song" and "Nazi Goring".

TV Or Not TV (1973)
LP Columbia KC32199

Philip Proctor & Peter Bergman
Fred Flamm and Clark Cable
A Video Vaudeville in Two Acts

Produced by Steve Gillmor

Written & Performed by Proctor & Bergman except "Nasi Goring" written by Bergman and C. D. Taylor
Arrangements -- Proctor/Bergman/Gillmor
Keyboards -- Anna Cheverton-Drury
Bass & Electric Guitars -- C. D. Taylor
Drums & Percussion -- Michael C. Gwynne
Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar -- Robin Batteau
Horns & Woodwinds -- Tom Scott
Dobro -- John Abbott
Voices -- Sheilah Wells, Anna Cheverton-Drury, Edina Gillmor
Pirate Kids -- Edgar, Anna, Mike Christopher, Allan, Sheilah, Ken, Bill, Liz, Robin, Kate, George, Stevie, Pete, Phil, & Krishna
And Thanks to Our Caste Of Thousands
"Communist Love Song" published by Moscow Music
"Nasi Goring" published by Pete's Modern Music
All Other Selections published by Moscow Music & Pete's Modern Music
Recorded at Wally Heider's Studio 4 in February, 1973
Engineered by Bill Driml, Ret.
Assistant Engineers -- Ken Calliat, Ed Barton
Remix -- Steve Gillmor
Design -- A. Garner
Photography -- E. Russell

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