Tales of the Old Detective (And Other Big Fat Lies) [AUDIO CASSETTE] Tales of the Old Detective (And Other Big Fat Lies) [AUDIO CASSETTE]

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"Tales of the Old Detective and Other Big Fat Lies is a quick and clever collection written specifically for audio release. Austin's scintillating word-play and originality keep this amusing production form becoming too lighthearted...Much of the material is funny, fast-moving and sharp. Austin's delivery is perfect - he can milk a joke down to the very last chuckle." -- Boston Sunday Herald, April 30, 1995

Tales of the Old Detective and other Big Fat Lies (Audio Cassette, 1995)

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* * * * * Are you SURE there's only one guy doing all those voices?, * July 1, 2000
Reviewer: David Yager

Nifty collection of vignettes, featuring 'the old detective' (Nick Danger?) bantering with a screenwriter, trying to cash in one last time on his eventful, twisted life. Great story within a story, as the detective balks and stalls, then proceeds off on another tangent.

The 'detective' appearances are interleaved with other stories, so your entertainment is varied - there is a 'coming of age' story that should bring back personal memories of when you first hit the wide world, where there were all kinds of people, not put there for your approval - and doing just fine, thank you!

The best story is never mentioned in other reviews! - "The Precipice of Angels" - about a lateralist in LA. What's a 'lateralist'? You'll have to listen to the story, I can't do it justice! It's laugh-out-loud funny, and heartbreakingly sad, all at the same time - I don't know how he did it. Filled with home town LA landmarks - I spent several years in LA, I can appreciate the surrealism of 'careening through all the rain water on Sepulveda' (from the first "Nick Danger" appearance).

It didn't happen often - like having a collection THIS good!

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