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Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger, Ralph Spoilsport, George Tirebiter, Bebop Loco

Category: Video
This PBS special, concocted in support of the wickedly witty Firesign Theatre's "The Bride of Firesign" CD, has the comedy troupe delivering high-octane humor in a number of classic bits. Featured are skits such as "How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All" and "Hand Me the Pliers," and characters such as Nick Danger, Jack Poet and Bebop Lobo. Extras include a documentary, excerpts from audio rehearsals and more.

Scene Index
  1. Radio Free Oz (3:43)
  2. How Can You Be In Two Places At Once? (13:11)
  3. Jack Poet VW (1:52)
  4. Before The Beginning (9:28)
  5. Billville (1:30)
  6. Nick Danger, Private Eye (17:43)
  7. Bear Whiz Beer (0:45)
  8. Don't Crush The Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers (12:14)
  9. Jack Poet VW (2:09)
10. Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death (5:44) (or download)
11. End Credits (0:38)

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