Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him

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Firesign's first album of audio theater, recorded and released in 1968. Temporarily Humboldt County is a capsule history of the American Indian experience; the Kafka-esque tour de force title cut, Waiting For The Electrician, showcases Firesign's mastery of classic radio theatre stylings and is a portent of later recordings to come.

Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him (1968)
LP Columbia PC9518
CD Mobile Fidelity MFCD 762

The four members of the Firesign Theater look and sound alike because they are all brothers. Distantly related from birth, they were born in widely separated parts of the world. Both Peter and Phil come from Indiana and Ohio, while Phil and David are native Californians, a fact which is often overlooked.

Phil, the hostile Aries, is a professional actor, as is Phil, the funny Leo. David is the intellectual and poet of the group, and Peter knows how to drive. Two of them are Sagittarians.

The four first met at the now-famous Oz Film Festival Colloquium, sponsored by KPFK. Others will remember their frequent interferences on KRLA, via Radio Free Oz, and their many tours of riots, layoffs and Love-ins throughout the state of Los Angeles. Peter attained some strictly local fame as The Wizard of Oz, while the other three are internationally unknown, except to an equally small circle of intimates. This is, however, their first appearance on Vinyl.

David, Peter and Phil have traveled extensively, while Phil has not. Individually, The Theater has logged thousands of hours en route to the Soviet Union, India, Europe and The Middle East and West. They expect to resume their travels as soon as they can get out of the country and their contract.

Living together in an abandoned oleomargarine factory high in the Hollywood Hills (except for Phil, who doesn't), they have become the leading exponents of The Firesign Philosophy of hard work and no pay makes no Jack at all, which has swept the country under the rug.

Produced by Gary Usher and The Firesign Theatre
Engineering: Jack Lattig, Tom May

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