What This Country Needs What This Country Needs

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Recurring Characters:
Clark Cable, Fred Flamm, Miss Information, Nazi Goring

Category: Audio
This 1975 release features Proctor & Bergman in a live setting, performing much of TV Or Not TV (along with a few new sketches) in front of a live audience. The new sketches include "Fred and Ford," in which Proctor's Fred Flamm interviews Bergman's Gerald Ford during the "Walking & Chewing Gum At the Same Time" marathon, and "The Man Who Eats Watches," easily the strangest piece on the album (Frenchman Pete attempting to consume harried waiter Phil's timepiece while visitng a restaurant).

What This Country Needs (1975)
LP Columbia PC33687

Proctor & Bergman

What This Country Needs

Recorded at The Bottom Line, N.Y., by the Record Plant
Live recording produced by Steve Gillmor
Music arranged and played by John Simon
Stage production manager Judy Sciacy
Audio production assistants: John Rusko and Fred Jones
Remix at The Burbank Studios by Richard Moore, Andy McDonald and Sergio Reyes
Production assisted by Barbro Semmingsen
Cover art: Joe Garnett
Photography: Kenneth McGowan

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