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Re: Thanksgiving axed by NPR

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Submitted by Slovaboga on May 17, 2003 at 01:34 PM
In Reply to: Thanksgiving axed by NPR submitted by Phil Austin on November 27, 2002 at 11:39 PM
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving axed by NPR

>ATC (NPR) has rejected The Indian Piece and will broadcast nothing by FST on thursday. Indian Piece said to be "incomprehensible" by ATC executive.
>Far be it from me to defend NPR. Their programming is usually little more than Stalinist apologetics laced with shoddy antiamericanisms. And as broadcasting FST's Thanksgiving sketch would have required the one ingredient NPR is distinctly NOT known for--namely, courage--it comes as no surprise whatsoever that they chose not to run it.

But let's stop all this whining about censorship. FST wasn't censored. NPR simply made an executive decision--mealey though it was--not to broadcast the sketch. That's not the same thing as censorship, which would have been to take action that the sketch never reaches the public. Since the whole thing can be played on the FST website, you can't say that censorship was involved.

Speaking for myself, though--I find the sketch inappropriate for Thanksgiving, anyway. It's supposed to be a holiday for giving thanks, not for some angst-ridden diatribe about how people are these awful things, awfully killing each other in awful ways. That's nothing new, nor anything that most folks aren't already aware of. Sure, people are crap. Can't we hold that thought for five seconds and be grateful for some of the good things in life?

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