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Submitted by zzyes on June 25, 2003 at 04:47 PM
In Reply to: Re: submitted by Joe Auger on January 06, 2003 at 10:18 AM
Subject: Re:

>>NPR's done bits with lots and lots of words. There must be another reason that they cut this piece.
>>Ya think it's possible that they just thought the words were lame?
>Forgive my attempt at humor with regard to the 'too many words' line which I would have hoped would be taken unseriously.
>Perhaps it was because the words were quite in your face
>as opposed to the "normal" Firesign stuff that can get so obscure as to mean nothing, or so they might have us think. Perhaps it rang with a little too much truth as to the hypocrisy with which we as Americans regard the idea of Thanksgiving. Perhaps Phil Austin is just a commie. Maybe they are all commies. Maybe they are the most important type of Americans we can have, bigger than, dare I say L'il Georgie W. I'm sure it just wasn't politically correct use of the airwaves on such a sacred and cherished holiday. Maybe it's none of the above. Sorry I've gotten all soapy on you. I'll clean up after the pageant is over.
>I think the original recording ran smoother,less P.C. and more subliminal punch. Perhaps it should have been submitted instead.
Ladies and gentlemen, the television mission presents THE NEWS!

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