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NPR: National Paradigm Rationing

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Submitted by Zenman on September 18, 2003 at 02:43 PM
In Reply to: Thanksgiving axed by NPR submitted by Phil Austin on November 27, 2002 at 11:39 PM
Subject: NPR: National Paradigm Rationing

Though NPR is often targeted by the Neo-Ultra-Conservatives as a big bad example of 'Liberal Bias in the Media', even a cursory examination will show how very conservative this organization truly is.

There are Agents of NeoPhileizm wedged here and there in the woodwork of the Corporation. Through them, I have no doubt, the Brave Experiment of the FST on NPR was born, and bore some brilliant fruit.

But it's just to surreal for the way these people think. Life is too serious, things are too serious to even stop and laugh at how silly it is and how irrationally we behave and beleive.

Garrison Keillor's sense of humor fits them well. His stories all have an underlying sadness and seriousness to them, even when they are brilliant and quite funny. It always comes back to how sad life is and how pwople cope with that sadness and isolation and dreariness. There's no room for clown noses, bozo horns, Nick Danger or any of the irrational/rational mental contortions that the FST creates in this type of atmosphere.

I love the boys, and you all do too. But that's because we have advanced and well-developed senses of the absurd and of humor. Up in the chilly and isolated board rooms of NPR, they just don't get it, of course it's incomprehensible to them...maybe if it had a sdder ending, or if was rewritten by David Sedaris....

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