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Re: Thanksgiving axed by NPR

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Submitted by Robert G. Margolis on November 30, 2002 at 12:32 PM
In Reply to: Re: Thanksgiving axed by NPR submitted by Hal on November 28, 2002 at 03:07 PM
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving axed by NPR

Sent this somewhat impolite turkey basting to ATC:

Please forward this to the "ATC/NPR executive" person (or persons) responsible for preventing the Thanksgiving Day broadcast of The Firesign Theatre's "Pass The Indian, Please" on NPR:

My congratulations and admiration to you for a brilliant stroke of appropriate non-programming and censorship on Thanksgiving Day! Our forefeathers would be proud, I am certain, at your command and intepretation of the multiple meanings and history of the Thanksgiving observance.
You deemed "Pass The Indian, Please" to be "incomprehensible". "Incomprehensible" like the American history and its facts upon which the piece is based? "Incomprehensible" like the long-established tradition of parody and satire and storytelling which the piece utilizes? "Incomprehensible" like the history specifically relevant to Thanksgiving itself? Informed history with multiple comedic perspectives a little too much for your capacities, eh?

You want "incomprehensible?" Why not try Current Resident of the White House, George W. Bush when he tries to speak extemporaneously about anything serious, and without a prepared statement or his handlers running interference?!
Did it occur to you that, if you didn't understand the piece, you could ask someone to explain a little of it to you, to help you understand some of the layered references, the history, etc.--someone, like, oh say, Phil Austin, who wrote it?

Again, my congratulations to you on placing another hot stuffed offering on the altar of public mediocrity and ignorance. No wonder you're an "executive"--this kind of ignorance and duplicity needs to be concentrated in responsible hands. I'll be sending those pledge dollars elsewhere, with you in mind.

Thank you for giving me something else to be thankful about.

A yellow man who turned into a black man who turned into a red man who turned into a white man,

Robert G. Margolis

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