Sir Will and friends have set up a Firesign area in tinyCWRU.

You can create a new character by typing create name password when you connect.
Be sure to do @set me=enter_ok so you can be given items or some of the puzzles won't work.

Get to the Firesign area by typing +visit Regnad
QUIT logs you out.

You can log in as Regnad with connect Regnad Kcin if nobody's using him, but some of the puzzles have been solved for his character.

Click here to connect via telnet.
[Update: tinyCWRU seems to be UP again!! comes and goes...]

If this fails, use a telnet program to connect to on port 4201.

You can also try using these MUD/MUSH client programs for Mac, Windows, or UNIX
See also Sir Will's page for more links.

What is it?

It's a game; you are a character moving around a simulated world. Enter commands like look or take magazine or read mailbox. For example:

   Waiting Room
   This looks like any waiting room. Wooden chairs, benches and tables
   are lined up around the walls. One of the END TABLEs attracts your
   Obvious exits:
   Office<O>  Foyer<F>

You move around by typing the names of the obvious exits; Foyer (or simply f) moves you to the Foyer. Interesting or useful items are often described in ALL CAPS.

Other useful commands:

"Hi there to say "Hi there" (no closing quote needed)
:waves to wave to other people in the room
WHO to see who else is logged in (must be ALL CAPS)
help or @list commands for all kinds of useful info
QUIT when you're done

Also see A Firesign Chat page.

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