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George G. Papoon graciously accepts the Natural Surrealist Party's nomination for President.

After days of infighting, the NSP settles on perennial candidate Papoon; longtime party opposition leader Mayor William Cudlipp P'nisnose delivers his concession speech (next to the concession stand).

Vice-Presidential nominee George Leroy Tirebiter makes history as the first actor/director VP candidate from a fringe 3rd party.

George Tirebiter George Leroy Tirebiter addresses the enthusiastic crowd after receiving his historic nomination for Vice-President.
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Convention Convention

with George Tirebiter
Ray Hamberger of "RadioNow's On-The-Spot Actuality Now News Team with a candid candidate tête-a-tête (1:04)
Sharon Stone (the other one) interviews George Tirebiter (1:37)
George Tirebiter gives a speech live on the internet (3:26, low-bandwidth)
George Tirebiter Press Release archive

RealAudio interviews courtesy of Radio Free Oz

Harold Hiphugger and Ray Hamberger
Harold Hiphugger and Ray Hamberger of RadioNow

The Natural Surrealist Party
takes its name seriously! Mylar has been known to keep Surrealist delegates occupied for hours at a time.
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Mayor William Cudlipp P'nisnose arrives at the convention, ready for an old-fashioned political mudfight. Wm. Cudlipp P'nisnose
Read Mayor P'nisnose's
observations on the 2000 election
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