Some of George Leroy Tirebiter's more obscure films include:

Those Darn Kids! (1933) - This film is now generally regarded as the first of the Peorgie and Mudhead series, although neither character appears in the film. George plays Jimmy Jonas Jones, a wisecracking teenager who spends altogether too much time at the soda shop. Look for cameo appearances of the famous theatrical team of Frank Funnk and Margot Mundaigne as Jimmy's physical education teacher and the school janitor respectively.

The Pride of Cococino (1938) - In this, the only live-action adaptation of George Herriman's famous Krazy Kat comic, George dons make-up and wig to become famed duck, Gooseberry Sprig. The plot, what little there was of it, concerns musical cat Krazy (songs by Irving Berlin include the hit "The Jitterbug Waltz") desperately trying to please the mouse he loves by being hit in the head by brick after brick. Described by critics at the time as, "inhumanly terrible," The Pride of Cococino has gained a small cult following and is a favourite at comic book conventions and the like today. Rounding out the cast was Bill "Bojangles" Robinson as Krazy, Doodles Weaver as Ignatz and Ralph Edwards as Offica Pupp.

I Was a Male WAC (1949) - In the leading role this screwball comedy, George plays a young soldier accidentally enlisted in the Women's Army Corps. Written by Dalton Trumbo, Ring Lardner, Jr. and Adrian Scott and directed by Edward Dmytryk, this has been described as the most blacklisted film in Hollywood.

Deuteronomy (1957) - In this failed Cecil B. Demille Biblical Epic, George has a small cameo appearance as dietary law #53.

Quest for Fleece (1964) - George plays a small; but pivotal role as Mixematosis, the blind seer in this low-budget Italian film starring Steve Reeves and Agnes Moorehead (whom no one could tell apart). Made after the success of Jason and the Argonauts, this film capitalized on the popular mythological film of the time. Two brothers named Pollux and Remus go on a quest for the mystical yellow fleece of Antioch and encounter a series of monsters and wizards, barring them from completing their quest. George's character, forseeing the quest's success, accurately describes the film's entire plot within the first 15 minutes of its runtime.