Accessing the Firesign Theatre podCast via iTunes

Step 1:

Launch iTunes, locate the Source list, and click the Podcasts item in the list. The Source list is the list of iTunes content sources that appears along the left edge of the iTunes window.
Step 2:

When the Podcasts screen is displayed, Click the Podcast Directory link. This link is located at the very bottom of the iTunes podcast window.
Step 3:

When the iTunes Podcast Directory is displayed, locate the Search field, which is below the Account links listed on the left side of the directory. Type firesign theatre in the Search field, and then click the magnifying glass icon to start the search.
Step 4:

When the Podcast Search Results window is displayed, the Firesign Theatre podcast should appear at the top left of the screen. Move your mouse over the words Firesign Theatre podCast, and click the link.
Step 5:

When the Firesign Theatre podcast screen is displayed, you will see a description of the podcast along with a list of all the available podcast segments listed by date, from newest to oldest. To download a segment into your iTunes library, click the corresponding GET EPISODE button for the segment.
You will notice there are SUBSCRIBE links for the Firesign Theatre podCast shown in the screens for steps 4 and/or 5 above. If you click the SUBSCRIBE link, iTunes will download only the latest podcast segment; iTunes will also download future segments as they become available. To access all the earlier podcasts, you will need to follow the steps outlined above.

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