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Firesign Press Release - 6/28/2011

Revivalist madmen Cinefamily ( and comedy website Everything Is Terrible ( present A Tribute to the Firesign Theatre, Sunday July 3 at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax in Hollywood. One screening only! Southern California Fireheads SHOULD NOT MISS this ultra-rare program of Firesign's best-loved films, including Everything You Know Is Wrong and Martian Space Party, plus notorious Jack Poet Volkswagen ads from 1969 and a bonus treat so UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME we dare not describe it. These films haven't been projected publicly in 30 years or more, and our show features ALL-NEW TRANSFERS that are so clean you'll swear you've been time-warped back to the Nixon administration. PROCTOR, BERGMAN, and Everything director ALLEN DAVIAU all scheduled to appear in person for a post-show Q&A. It's a great venue with limited seating so act fast! Tickets available for just the Firesign screening, or festival passes for the entire five-day "Everything Is Festival", which also features FireFriend Mark Hosler (co-founder of Negativland and curator of Seeland Records, home of Duke of Madness Motors) giving his classic hilarious/scary "Adventures in Illegal Art" lecture.

Famed author and literary smart guy Phil Austin is proud to announce the impending debut of his first print collection of short fiction, Long Stories and Short Stories, an omnibus of sixteen of Austin's surreal, hardboiled, and occasionally poignant tales written over the last two decades. The book is due from Bear Manor Press this Fall. Next on Austin's plate, he swears, is the long-gestating, highly anticipated novel Beaver Teeth, the Tristram Shandy-esque story of life, love, and death in the Pacific Northwest that Laurence Sterne WOULD have written if only he'd grown up amidst weird hybrid football-ish team sports, Indian reservations, Pioneer Parades, and volcanoes. Meanwhile David Ossman is in the home stretch preparing for the imminent publication of Anythynge You Want To, the complete guide to Shakespeare's Lost Comedie, also for release from Bear Manor.

Firesign's web host suffered a server attack earlier this month and, after weighing their options, they decided to bail from the business entirely. Um. Well - good luck to them in the magic world of carpet reclaiming or learning to lose weight while refinancing. In the mean time, we were left to find a new host, upload the entire site from our last available backup, test it, and re-launch it - all of which is now gloriously complete. Many thanks to our indomitable webmasters Brian "Merlyn" Westley and Tom "Doctor Technical" O'Neill. Thanks, kid - you're a wizard whoever you are!

Our email list continues to live under our new host's anti-spam mailing limits, which means it now takes us nearly a week to send an update to all of our subscribers. If anyone owns a website capable of blasting 2700 emails in one go that we could use for our mailing list, please let us know through our comments form. In the meantime, for the most up-to-date news please continue to monitor our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @FiresignNews. Our Firesign News page will have updates as they become available. And to see our June 11 and 14 announcements, which didn't make it to everyone on our distribution list, go to our announcements page.

Duke of Madness Motors, Firesign's omnium-gatherum of their 1970-1972 radio period, is still available from the FireSale store! Over 1,000 of our initial print run of 1,100 copies have been claimed so far. And watch for new product in the store soon, including perennial favorite the Ralph Spoilsport license plate frame and the complete Firesign Records CD catalogue (Just Folks, Fighting Clowns, RadioNow Live, and Anythynge You Want To).

A little porridge bird tells us Firesign may have some live shows lined up in the greater Seattle / Portland areas this Fall. Details to follow the moment contracts are signed.

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