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Firesign Press Release - 11/20/2012 (part 2)


Hello FireFans, Ralph Firesale (a.k.a. Taylor Jessen, Firesign archivist) here with a very special Black Friday announcement. Yes the day after Thanksgiving is a black day for us all... we awaken as we do every year to find once again that our bank accounts are empty and our credit limits topped - and once we've contacted our banks about the fraud, IT'S TIME TO SHOP!

Yes, we'll be on every Ukrainian hacker's thank-you list this holiday season, so why not give yourself your own thank-you gift and hop on over to eBay on Friday 11/23/2012 for a very special Firesign fundraiser.

Phil Austin says he swears on a stack of ancient and moldy Rosicrucian tracts that Sid Fudd is a sanctioned and verified associate of U.S. Plus, fully authorized to act as an angel of mercy in the name of the Four Or Five Crazee Guise for the purpose of handling the sale of these Firesign Theatre artifacts to the general public. Don't worry about the flies, he won't weigh 'em.

For your gift-giving pleasure and to help raise money for our many upcoming reissue projects, the boys are selling the very last of the signed Firesign memorabilia left over from their 2011 tour: photos, tour programs and more, all signed by every original member of the Firesign Theatre. This obviously represents the last material of this kind that's ever going into circulation, so buy 'em now or forge 'em later!

You get to pick from:

  • Nine varieties of Firesign promotional photos
  • Three varieties of tour programs
  • One signed show script

Each item will be sold at a fixed "Buy it Now" price.

Sales go live on eBay at 10am PST on Friday 11/23.

Click this link to jump over to the eBay site and view the items being sold by Firesign archivist/producer Taylor Jessen (eBay handle: SidFudd). The sale ends when the product runs out. Supplies are limited, so act fast - some of these items are unique, some come in multiples; but when they're gone they're gone.

Of course the FireSale store always remains open.

And don't miss the announcement regarding upcoming reissue projects ... click here for details.


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