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Firesign Press Release - 11/12/2013

Firesign Theatre Radio Is On The Web!

Dear Friends of the Firesign Theater, you will notice at the top of the Firesign site home page the presence of a digital Philco radio ...

Firesign Theater Radio is now on the Web, planet wide, 24 hours a day, providing a continuous stream of surreal consciousness to fill the rococo nooks and crannies of your holographic lap top home entertainment centers.

Firesign Theater Radio is your online reality check for all the classic Firesign syndicated series like Dear Friends and Let's Eat, and recorded live shows and concerts, and the albums like Electrician and Dwarf, Bozos and How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All, all designed with your mind in mind. So, for Phil Austin, Dave Ossman, Phil Proctor and of course Peter Bergman, along with Doc Technical, Cat Ishikawa, The Live Earl Jive and me Bill McIntyre, producer of Firesign Theater Radio; we invite you to lock your wigs and sync in -- Welcome to The Future, we're glad you made it.

To find out what's playing now (and what played then), as well as customize the Philco radio player on the home page, we have provided a "Now Playing/Customize" page for your convenience.

And while you're at it check out our sponsor, Real Goods Solar, without which all of this would not have been necessary. Not only do they provide an earth-friendly alternative energy source for homes and businesses, they are one of the very few companies which are not a plausibly deniable subsidiary of U.S. PLUS. Check out their sunny web site, and call them at 1-888-746-1414 to find out how you can partner up with the sun. And remember to say the magic words, Firesign Theater, when you call.

If you have any questions about ANYTHING FIRESIGN, or just want to tell us what a swell job we're doing, contact us via email at

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