Cover Firesign Theatre: Back From The Shadows
ID: WHRL2005DVD - $29.95 - Not Rated
UPC: 688321200523 - 158 min. - 2001
Preorder: 2/27/01 - Rykodisc
Street: 3/27/01 4/27/01 - Comedy
Full Frame - Color - English - 5.1 Dolby Digital
Released through Whirlwind Media, Inc.
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Firesign Theatre
  • "The Firesign Theatre" - This exclusive 60-minute video documentary on the long-lived cult comedy group is an impromptu self-interview performance by Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Phil Proctor, discussing the history of their ensemble and the high points of the concert presented in this package. "Back From the Shadows" - A 90 minute audio-only chapter that captures the group's most recognizable material recorded live in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Berkeley when they hit the road in the fall of 1993 to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Originally released in 1994, this recording has been out of print for 5 years and is now available again exclusively in this DVD package. Tracks: At the Border, Beat the Reaper, He Walks Again By Night, The Old Same Place, Hold It Right There!, Ralph Spoilsport Motors, On the Antelope Freeway, The American Pageant, Bringing the War Back Home, On the Funway, The Breaking of the President, Doctor Memory, Tirebiter Wakes Up Hungry, Pastor Flash, High School Madness, Parallel Hell, The Court-Martial Scene, George Gets a Wakeup Call, Toad Away.

  • Production Stills; Cast/Crew Biographies; Discography

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