Firesign Theatre
is proud to announce the release of its first new album in, uh...
well, in a really really long time:

"Give Me Immortality
Give Me Death!"

(Rhino R2-75509)

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Chronicling the last day of the millenium as seen through the eyes of RadioNow, a major-market radio station, this long awaited album marks the triumphant return of the 4 or 5 Krazee Guys (Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman and Phil Proctor) to the forefront of cutting edge comedy and audio theater. Full of the kind of multi-layered writing and performing characterized by their best known work, the new album continues to reveal ever more of the trademark Firesign wit and insight with each playing. Logo Visit the Rhino Records web site to find out how to purchase the new Firesign Theatre CD.
Netscape Cool 05/02/00 Netscape "Cool Siting" for May 2, 2000
RadioNow Logo Return to the RadioNow radio station web site.

Audio clips from the album.

(see below)
Developing Chase Situation 51KB 270KB 270KB 270KB 171KB
Chump's Armageddon Odds 51KB 267KB 267KB 267KB 169KB
RadioNow ID 21KB 107KB 107KB 107KB 69KB

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