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The latest Tirebiter press release is up, where George makes
noises about possibly entering the vice-presidential race:

News from Phil Proctor:

        On Wednesday at 8pm on December 3rd, there will be an unprecedented
screening of Proctor & Bergman's 1979 cult classic "J-Men Forever" at Gerry
Fialka's "7 Dudley Cinema" at 7 Dudley Avenue, one block South of Rose in
        The space seats 50 and admission is free, so come early. Pete and I
will be there to field questions after the showing, and we're told that
L.A. Times film critic, Kevin Thomas, will be writing favorably about the
flick in a column this week.
        In an earlier online review it's described by "Clay N. Ferno" as a
"wonderfully funny romp" constructed from overdubbed and reedited Republic
serial movies where "the J-Men head the top secret homeland security force
that gives new meaning to 'Let's Roll!'"
        Your own lovingly remastered DVD copy with special stupid
interviews is available now at

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I'll never forget you neither, Nancy.
  -- Firesign Theatre