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From Phil Proctor:
        This Wednesday, December 3rd at 8pm there's a free screening of
Proctor & Bergman's 1979 cult classic "J-Men Forever" in Venice at Gerry
Fialka's 50-seat 7 Dudley Cinema at Sponto Gallery off Rose.
        In a rave L.A. Times "Screening Room" review last Thursday, Kevin
Thomas called it "affectionate and hilarious...a wacky and inspired
compilation of clips from Republic serials accompanied by their own
dialogue...Bergman plays the chief of the J-Men and Proctor his key
agent in scenes that match the vintage footage to perfection."

Also see: (310-399-2078)

Here's a line of Indians leaving
Rancho Malario, to make room for you!
  -- Firesign Theatre