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                            March 10, 2004
                          From Judith Walcutt
                        oworld [at]
                            (360) 331-2813



"Live From The Islands" co-host David Ossman has dug deep in his "Audiola"
archives for a series of two-hour Saturday afternoon shows on KSER, 90.7,
Everett.  Ossman, a three-time Grammy nominee, member of the famed Firesign
Theatre, and collector of rare and unusual music, promises five diverse and
entertaining programs, beginning with this Saturday's "Top 40 Tunes," a romp
through recording history, featuring a top pop song hit from each year

March 20th presents music from the early Disney and Warner Bros. cartoon
years.  Ossman, having supplied the voice of "Cornelius" for Disney/Pixar's
hit "A Bug's Life," brings a special knowledge of the animation world.  On
March 27th he surveys "Cowboys and Indians" in music.  David's son Orson
guests on both shows, making his radio debut at the age of two.

April 3rd and 10th "Audiola" programs feature a two-part survey of "Black
Magic" -- music from great reviews and musicals featuring all African-
American casts from the first half of the 20th century.  On April 17th,
David profiles the most famous review series of all, the Ziegfeld Follies,
which appeared on stage, screen and radio.

Producer Judith Walcutt promises the return of the popular "Live From The
Islands" series with "an exciting late Spring and Summer of live music
Festival broadcasts, more cabaret shows at the Edgecliff restaurant, travel
to the San Juans and Gulf Islands, a week of special broadcast events during
Langley's Choochokam Arts Festival in July and especially more comedy and
radio theatre, which our audiences love!"

"Live From The Islands," with co-hosts Walcutt and Ossman, returns to KSER
90.7 on April 24 from Greenbank Farm for the Burning Word Festival,
sponsored by the Washington Poets Association.  Judith and David will
co-host a two-hour program of poetry, music and interviews.

Ossman and Walcutt will be among several community radio hosts when
"Live From The Islands" and KSER visit The Seattle Folklife Festival
over the Memorial Day weekend, May 29-31.  Live coverage of the three-
day Folklife Festival will be heard on Community Radio stations from
Bellingham to Olympia, all serving a mission to entertain and enlighten
their local audiences independently of mass media and to continue the
tradition of local focus, public access, and training that community
radio established over 50 years ago.

Everything you know is wrong!
  -- Firesign Theatre