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Recently, mark_my_words_again<at> on the Firesign Theatre 
mailing list received an email with the w32.Beagle@mm!zip virus
and a spoofed From: address of

The virus couldn't have originated from the
host machine, because it's hosted on a UNIX machine and the
Beagle family of worms infect Windows PCs only (Windows 2000,
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, or Windows XP).

However, the worm found as a From:
address on the infected machine, making it likely that someone
on the Firesign Theatre email list is infected with it, especially
if they have also corresponded with mark_my_words_again<at>
(McMark Time in Seattle).

The worm doesn't appear to deliberately damage anything, it just
tries to spread itself.

For more information on this family of worms, see:!zip.html

He's coming around, folks!  He's gonna be OK
and ready to play symptom six of BEEEEEEEAT THE REAPER!
  -- Firesign Theatre