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Lodestone Catalog has recently added a great deal of Firesign to its line-up.

First, Lodestone has added all remaining CDs from the Columbia back
catalog.  These include such timeless gems as "Dear Friends" and
"Everything You Know Is Wrong".  In addition, we have added the timely
recent-release of presidental political material, "Papoon for
President," and the LodesTone exclusive, "Pink Hotel Burns Down":

Second, Lodestone has added solo material by firesign members, including
the classics "How Time Flies," and "TV or Not TV," and Peter Berman's
recent series of commentaries, "True Confessions of the Real World"
plus Proctor & Bergman's "Power":

Finally, Lodestone sponsored an archaeological expedition which unearthed
quite a number of hats and shirts from Firesign's past.  These date to
the pre-millenial era, specifically, 1999's Give Me Immortality or Give
Me Death tour.  Now, through this special offer they can be yours for
only.... well, they're on sale cheap.  Check out

Deputy Dan has no friends.
  -- Firesign Theatre