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Ted Alvy just posted about this story in alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre:

Comic says political jokes cost job

The producer of a recent evening of improv comedy and cultural and
political commentary at the Los Angeles County Natural History
Museum believes he was asked to step down from that post by the
museum board because of some jokes directed at President Bush.

Comedian Peter Bergman -- best known for his work with the comedy
troupe Firesign Theatre -- said the Oct. 1 "First Friday" event
called "Laugh L.A." "was supposed to shake up the culture, but
really, we weren't left of 'The Daily Show'."

Which is why Bergman is perplexed that he's no longer producing
the shows.
Read the rest at:,1,1612105.story

This is a strange place...
as strange as Hollywood any day.
  -- Firesign Theatre