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The Lodestone Catalog and David Ossman's Otherworld Media are proud to
announce the release of the first four CDs in "The George Tirebiter
Collection" -- an ongoing series of CDs of archival recordings from the
career of "legendary" film and radio actor George Leroy Tirebiter.

George Tirebiter is best known to modern audiences for his role in the
Firesign Theatre's "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers" and for
his 1976 Surrealist Party candidacy for Vice President.

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The Collection includes:

Volume 1: "Live From The Islands"
George presents his radio noir classic from 1951, Max Morgan, Crime
Cabby. Plus Tirebiter takes a political turn in a series of commentaries
on the 2004 election. And as a special bonus, David and Devin Ossman's
performance of Lord Buckley's "Pied Piper".

Volume 2: "Radio Follies"
A musical variety show, featuring "The Years in your Ears" -- a comic
look at the golden age, also starring Phil Proctor and Melinda Peterson.
Also, Tirebiter's reading of two cat tales from the pen of Mark Twain.

Volume 3: "Hollywood Madhouse" & "Radiodaze"
Tirebiter's classic radio drama about the life of a radio drama star and
his somewhat chaotic Hollywood home. Co-starring Phil Austin. And
"Radiodaze", featuring recreations of excerpt of his most famous radio
dramas, including "Young Tom Edison", "Max Morgan, Crime Cabby", and the
infamous last episode of "Mark Time."

Volume 4: "Another Christmas Carol" & "The Ronald Reagan Murder Case"
While doing a production of the Christmas Carol, George's own Ghosts
come out to haunt him. And "The Ronald Reagan Murder Case," performed
live at the Midwest Radio Theater Workshop in 1990, a dramatization of a
chapter of Tirebiter's novel.

Holy Mudhead, mackerel!  Morse Science High!
  -- Firesign Theatre