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The deadline for entry in the Mark Time and Ogle Awards is
April 1, 2005.  If you are a producer of full cast audio in the
science fiction, fantasy or horror genres, now is the time to
send entry for the only awards given exclusively for audio

This year is the Ninth Annual Mark Time Awards for science
fiction audio, and the Charles Ogle Awards for Fantasy audio.
Mark Time is the character in the old children's SF radio show
of the 40s, created by David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre.
Charles Ogle was the actor who first portrayed Frankenstein's
creation in Edison's 1910 film of that story.

Science fiction and fantasy blend well with the audio medium
because they all engage the imagination to the fullest extent.
Awards will be presented at CONvergence, July 1, 2005 in
Bloomington, MN. Sponsored by MISFITS.

You can find out more about the awards, and an entry form,
on the web at:
Take a look at the list of past winners, and the SF Audio Hall
of Fame.  There's a lot of great listening there!

Jerry Stearns
Mark Time coordinator

How about a nice Blue Moss?
  -- Firesign Theatre