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A live stage adaptation of two Firesign Theatre albums will be
performed on Saturday, March 26, at 3 & 7:30 PM at the Whidbey
Island Center for the Arts.  Tickets are only $12!
Box office:

The show is a Double Bill of WAITING FOR THE ELECTRICIAN and DON'T CRUSH
THAT DWARF, HAND ME THE PLIERS adapted by David Ossman from the work of
the Firesign Theatre.  A full-cast, staged production, the 90-minute
performance features Orson Ossman as Porgie Tirebiter and "P," the
youth who tries to cross the Border in "Electrician."  George L.
Tirebiter appears as "Himself."  An Otherworld Media Production.
Directed by David Ossman.  Produced by Judith Walcutt.

    ORSON OSSMAN as Porgie Tirebiter and "P"
    DAVID OSSMAN as George L. Tirebiter
K. SANDY O'BRIEN as Sister Flash, Mom and Mrs. Presky
   DAMIEN CORTEZ as Mudhead
MICHAEL MCINERNY as Rev. Mouse and Pico
    HALIM DUNSKY as Alvarado and several others

More information on this production is available at

He's coming around, folks!  He's gonna be OK
and ready to play symptom six of BEEEEEEEAT THE REAPER!
  -- Firesign Theatre