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3/4 of the Firesign Theatre (plus Austin compressed on a CD) will
be in London on Monday, October 3 performing at The Comedy Store
at 8 PM, which is being recorded for (web/broad)casting on BBC
Radio 4 sometime later.

Tickets are FREE (must be 18 or older), and since their performance
will be edited down from an hour for a 30-minute slot, only the
studio audience will get to hear it all.  It will be a radio
performance and not 'staged'.

Most of the material will be from Electrician, HCYB, Bozos,
and Anythynge, plus ads.

Directions and ticket information here:

BBC4 streams on the web and archives most shows for a week; an
announcement will be sent out when the show is scheduled
to be broadcast.

Phil also talks about the London show in the latest Planet Proctor:

David Ossman reports that he (and presumably other members of FT)
will also be interviewed on-camera about KPPC and the Firesign
Theatre Radio Hour Hour between rehearsals in LA for the London

A power so great, it can only be used for good or evil.
  -- Firesign Theatre