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"Anythynge You Want To (Shakespeare's Lost Comedie)" Re-released on CD

The Lodestone Catalog today announced the re-release of Firesign
Theatre's comedy classic "Anythynge You Want To ((Shakespeare's Lost
Comedie)".  Always lovers of language, this CD takes the "four or five
crazee guys" tongue-trippingly into the world of Shakespeare.  Like the
Bard's own work, this is smart and funny stuff, bawdy and intelligent,
filled with double, triple, and quadruple entendres, revealing something
new on each hearing.  

This fully restored version, containing material not on the original LP,
is released in cooperation between Firesign Theatre Records and The
Lodestone Catalog.  The CD is currently available only through The
Lodestone Catalog:

This CD is Firesign in their element - when these educated jesters take
aim at the Bard of Avon, and when they get done, English Literature will
never be the same.

Tongue of lawyer, dearly bought
  -- Firesign Theatre