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"Radio Now Live" Re-released on CD

The Lodestone Catalog today announced the re-release of Firesign
Theatre's live comedy 2-CD set "Radio Now Live".

This 1999 live show from Portland Oregon's Aladdin Theatre features
Firesign's updates on classic material such as The Wall of Science,
Ralph Spoilsport, Babe's New Car, George Tirebiter, Nick Danger, as well
as an extended retelling (and reworking) in Shakespearean Verse of
"Anythynge You Want To".  Plus, there is much material from 1999's "Give
Me Immortality, Or Give Me Death".

The guys are having fun with the material, fun with each other, and most
of all, fun with the audience.  It is a high-energy, hilarious fun
festival that Firesign fans will love.  

This is part of a planned "Firesign Live" series of CDs to be released
through Lodestone.  It is released in cooperation between Firesign
Theatre Records and The Lodestone Catalog.  The CD is currently
available only through The Lodestone Catalog at

4 or 5 guys

You can wait here in the sitting room or
you can sit there in the waiting room.
  -- Firesign Theatre