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For immediate release, 11/2/05

"Fighting Clowns" Re-released on CD

The Lodestone Catalog today announced the re-release of Firesign
Theatre's comedy classic "Fighting Clowns"

Its Firesign - The Musical!  This 1980 album features musical numbers -
in styles from German Cabaret to Punk Rock.  Its pre-Reagan cold-war
paranoia.  The Soviets (remember them?) are in Afghanistan.  Reagan
(remember him?) is still a long shot, six months before the primaries.
America (remember it?) is in the hot tub.  And nobody knows yet how hot
the water is going to become.

Featuring Presidents and hostages, Afghanistan and Billville, plus
bozos, zips, and beaners, this album is a departure from the usual
Firesign fare, but a fun one - a recruiting show for the bus not going
to war, and a battle of wits carried out by four fighting clowns with a
whole lotta ammo, and eight inflatable shoes.

This CD is being released in cooperation between Firesign
Theatre Records and The Lodestone Catalog.  The CD is
currently available only through The Lodestone Catalog at

Other recent releases on Firesign Theatre Records include
"Anythynge You Want To", and "Radio Now Live".

The Lodestone Catalog ( )
is an online catalog of audio theatre recordings, featuring
the world's best selection of English-Language audio theater,
including a comprehensive selection of works by the Firesign Theatre.

The Firesign Theatre ( )
is a comedy troupe known for heady, surreal, and hilarious
audio comedy, in performance on the radio, on records, on
stage, and on CD since the 1960s.  The group consists of
Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Phil Proctor.

Plus, a long out-of-print Firesign album will be coming
back in print SOON from Lodestone!

He's no fun, he fell right over
  -- Firesign Theatre