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Here's a note from David Ossman:

Please note that MERL REAGLE'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE, as printed in any number of
newspapers, including the LA Times and Seattle P-I (check out for 3/5/06 was based on a Firesign Theatre quote.

The title of the puzzle is TRINONYMS, which Reagle defines obliquely as
follows:  "One of the definitions of bath is "bathtub," which makes bathtub
itself a linguistic rarity:  bath, tub, and bathtub are all synonyms - or
"trinonyms," if you will."

He goes on to include "the only other nine [trinonyms] that I know of."  The
"source of this puzzle's theme" is revealed in 106, 119 and 123 across.

  [Webmaster's note:
     For any Fireheads who want to tackle the puzzle, it's
     available for free for about 3 more weeks on the
     website at this URL:

     It's a flash-based crossword, so if you only want to discover
     the Firesign quote, just run the puzzle and reveal the answer.


VIDEOHOUND'S GROOVY MOVIES by Irv Slifkin, Visible Ink Press, Detroit 2004
has not only a piece on "Zachariah" but an interview with Mr. Proctor.  Both
pieces strongly suggest that Firesign wrote the original Gay Western!
Little known facts!  (Also, it's included with really great movies:  Blazing
Saddles, Little Big Man, McCabe & Mrs. Miller.)

Yr faithful correspondent,


Holy Mudhead, mackerel!  Morse Science High!
  -- Firesign Theatre