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The Firesign Theatre website has now been moved to a new host
machine.  You shouldn't see any changes, but some pages may
not work until we find them and fix them.  Please let us know
about any problems you may find.

Send any comments via the web at:

The "public" email addresses and will no longer receive email,
and will instead refer people to our comment URL above.

In the near future, this mailing list will have a return
address of flotsam instead of
As long as that email address is non-public (i.e. we don't
get spam to that address), it will be a valid email address
so mailing list recipients can use email to reply to
announcements.  If you use a spam filter, please allow
"Flotsam" to send announcements to your email.

This announcement is also a test for our mailing list on the new host.