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For the last 13 years, The Lodestone Catalog has been an online retailer of
audio theater in general, and of Firesign Theatre in particular, including
quite a few Lodestone exclusives.

The Lodestone Catalog announced today that it is going out of business.

Over the next few months, every item in the catalog will be on sale, with
some items going at huge blow-out prices.  When stock is gone, its gone,
so now is the chance to get Firesign CDs and paraphernalia at cheap prices.

A list of all Firesign sale items can be found at

Additional items featuring the 4 or 5:

A complete list of all sale items is at

(People who live in magnetic houses shouldn't throw lodestones -- or throw
Lodestone sales.)

-- John Weber
The Lodestone Catalog
627 N Morton St, Suite 204
Bloomington, IN 47404

Why not have a tall, cool, delicious glass of meat?
  -- Firesign Theatre