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June 12-17, 2007
Owensboro, Kentucky
The festival also announced a multi-award winning director/producer
team will oversee the ground-breaking production style of performing
full screenplays in a "live with audience" radio-theater format.
David Ossman and Judith Walcutt are award-winning writers, directors,
producers and performers for radio, television and theater. Ossman is
a founding member of the legendary Firesign Theatre (dubbed one of the
"30 Greatest Comedy Acts of All Time" in Entertainment Weekly) and has
directed stars including Jason Robards, Steve Allen and John Goodman.
Ossman also played Cornelius the Ant in Disney/Pixar's No. 1 box-
office release of "A Bug's Life." Walcutt has produced numerous
national radio series featuring stars including James Earl Jones,
Dick Van Dyke, Ed Asner and Harry Hamlin.

Together, Ossman and Walcutt will bring to life the characters, scenes,
special effects, music scores and sounds that audiences would otherwise
see and hear in big screen movie theatres. The screenplay finalists
will be presented in intimate theatre settings where the actors are
close with the audiences and the changes of scene are narrated in
dramatic fashion leaving the audiences' imagination to fill in
the picture.

There's a whole dead cat in every bar of Dead Cat Soap.
  -- Firesign Theatre