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From John Weber of the Lodestone Catalog
(purveyor of Firesign and Audio Theater):
Thank you to all the Firesign fans who visited the Lodestone Catalog since
last month's announcement of our closing.  Your reaction has touched us
deeply -- both in your heartening and humorous comments, and in the sheer
stampede of orders, reaffirming that there is a market for this crazy stuff
we sell.
Our stock shelves have been largely decimated, but some wonderful stuff
remains.  And to thank you, we are adding to the savings, with even greater
discounts on most of the remaining stock of Firesign and Audio Theater
The master list of remaining items is at:
Firesign items:
Mark Time Tees:
David Ossman's Otherworld Media:
And our bargain basement blowout of some audio theater rarities:
Again, a hearty Thank You

-- John Weber
The Lodestone Catalog

Benjamin Franklin, the only President of the United
States, who was never President of the United States.
  -- Firesign Theatre