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The BOX OF DANGER from Shout!; DEAR FRIENDS almost complete in a release
with Negativland; I'm discussing content and contract with the Boys to come
up with a really cool two-volume reprint-plus of the Straight Arrow books;
I'm determined to do the ANYTHYNGE book, with the footnotes and all!
Otherworld could partner with Firesign Records to release RADIO'S A
HEARTBREAK! (the 2005 show, our last) and the DVD of shorts - in time for
Christmas.  DR. FIRESIGN'S FOLLIES is coming early next year from Bear

For the 40th Anniversary of TFT, I think we're (4or5or6or10Crazeeguys) doing
fine.  I just attended the beautiful wedding of Phil P's daughter Kristin in
Vancouver BC. See Planet Proctor for details.  Judith and I are going to
London in September for Orson's graduation from a year-long course at the
London Film Academy.  He's in Paris at the moment, shooting a short.  We
were given a Lifetime Achievement Award (and where, may I ask, is TFT's?)
and we'll be doing the New Mysteries Festival again next year - June 12-22
in Owensboro, Kentucky, so come on down!

An e-mail to oworld [at] will come directly to the Otherworld
Media office.  An email to us will get the writer on our list for, very
soon, a listing of available CDs, and Further Information.

Augustly yours,


He's coming around, folks!  He's gonna be OK
and ready to play symptom six of BEEEEEEEAT THE REAPER!
  -- Firesign Theatre