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Some Firehead has started a Firesign Theatre wiki (co-op
encyclopedia) at the new domain
From their home page:

    Welcome to the start page of the FIREHEADS.ORG WIKI!

    This site is dedicated to, but has absolutely no association
    with, the mighty Firesign Theatre. There's a lot to do here:
    the only Firesign Theatre Forum on the Internet, user blogs and
    articles, and the main event, the Firesign Wiki that all users
    can help build.

    As far as I know, there has never been a Firesign site like this
    one whose whole purpose is USER INVOLVEMENT. This site is very
    much for YOU and whether it thrives or not will be up to the
    community. At the very least, it's a place for Firesign fans
    to hang out.

    There is so much here that It will take some time to build up
    content, and once again that's where YOU come in. Think of this
    as a Wiklpedia devoted to the Firesign Theatre. You can create
    quizzes, surveys, articles and more. And be sure to post links
    to your favorite Firesign sites! Be sure to drop by regularly
    and see how things change.

    Help us build the site; start by registering using the form
    at right, then start a blog, write an article, create a Wiki
    page, say hi in the forums! Pump up your shoes! Remember, the
    seventies aren't over if you're still laughing.

    For starters, check out my blog by clicking "blogs" on the
    left. Leave a comment if you'd like. And welcome!

Aw, come on. Squeeze the wheeze.
  -- Firesign Theatre