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From Phil fingers to your eyes (times are Pacific coast):

Dear Fiends,

Tonight during the 9 0'clock hour, I will be appearing on ghostly
host Jim Svejda's Halloween Special on local classical station KUSC-
FM, (91.5) promoting the newly released Shout!Reprise "Box of Danger"
CD-set and introducing "Danger Meets E.T." (  Jim's
promised to send me a CD of the show as well, so I hope to be able to
share the segment with you all later.

I am also honored to have been invited to appear on Jim's reknowned
and revered New Year's Eve Show this year as his first live guest ever
- and Stan Freberg may also make an appearance, so set your recorders

And here's wishing you all a truly Horrible Halloween...

Are you a machine that only answers no?
  -- Firesign Theatre