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Thanks to fireheads Tom Harkins and Rose and Pete Borden
on the news that their "sleazy weasel" Easley ex-governor
is a Firesign fan:

Stevens: What kind of private account did [Easley] have?
Johnson: What do you mean, 'what kind?'
Stevens: Well, I mean, was it a Gmail account, a Hotmail account, an R - a Road Runner account?
Johnson: RR. It was RR.
Stevens: What was that address?
Johnson: It was Nick Danger, spelled backwards. And I think it was, if I remember correctly.
[Later in the deposition, Johnson is asked more detail about the "Nick Danger" address.]
Stevens: I have to ask. Do you know who thought up that?
Johnson: The governor wrote backwards. I mean, when he wrote, he wrote backwards.  ...But how he - I didn't want to ask. I don't - I don't know.

Former Gov. Mike Easley used a private, secret e-mail account
to conduct state business, his former communications directors
said in depositions. The e-mail address: "NickDanger" spelled

Nick Danger is a fictional private eye character featured in
radio performances by The Firesign Theatre, a troupe whose 1960s
Los Angeles-based act was heavily influenced by The Goon Show,
a British troupe that included Peter Sellers and was also a major
influence on Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Easley's spelling "Nick Danger" backward could come from a joke
on the show in which Danger, sitting in his office, read his name
on his glass office door: "Regnad Kcin."

Sherri Johnson, Easley's communications director, said she believed
the backward spelling was Easley's own.

"The governor wrote backwards. I mean, when he wrote, he wrote
backwards," she said. Which is it? Sounds like a case for Nick Danger.

Here's a line of Indians leaving
Rancho Malario, to make room for you!
  -- Firesign Theatre